Mercury & Salammoniac

Both Mercury and Salammoniac had medicinal uses in the Muslim world, later exported to the West and the East under its influence.

Cinnabar ore was also used as dyestuff, whereas Salammoniac could be used (like Alum) in dyeing and leather tanning.


Almadén is a renown mercury mine in the Muslim and non-Muslim world. Exported mainly during the Christian period
Almader (Almadi) · High Medieval · 300% · Iberia (Muslim) · Muwalladi.

Sogdian Sal Ammonia (also produced mercury). Oasis of Kucha, especially [Skaff 2003]
Kucha (Sogdian) · High Medieval · 50% · Persia · Vajrayana.

Mount Amiata, btw. Siena-Grosseto. Roman, but recorded still in 1297
Montalcino (Amiata) · Early Medieval · 15% · Italy · Catholic.