UI Summary: Grain is the Main traded staple Food for most counties with feudal or clan governments, except for those that live from exploiting other edible resources. Cultivar yields are better in Farmlands or Floodplains, and worse in Desert or Taiga terrain. Yields are best with Manor Houses, very good with Farms & Fields and …

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Agricultural industry is used to calculate the production of Grain, Cotton, Oil, Wine, Linen, Dates, and Sugar. Except for grain, which can be grown in all regions, each of these resources have a limited number of regions where it is possible to grow them. Agricultural product is determined by all Building(s), and the final output …

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Timber production refers specifically to commerce oriented to the building industry—especially the ship-building industry—but also timber as fuel. UI description: Timber represents wood of enough quality available in the Holding for construction, from either local sources or trade. Rich wood sources are found in Forest or Taiga terrain, and is usually unavailable in Desert or …

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Salt exports can be divided into: Salterns Salt mines / saltworks Salt Production Most important producers: Bay of Biscay, Languedoc and Provence (but also present in all coasts, especially for fisheries) Genoese trade for Hyères (Between Toulon and Niece). Famous in NW Europe [Pounds 1994]. 200m cwt/y Genoese trade [Adshead 1992] Grasse · Francia · …

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